Congratulations to Alice Production cast and crew!

Huge congratulations to all involved with the Alice production!  Elora Community Theatre can be proud of this show which delighted audiences of all ages.

Thanks to David Tanner for this photo of the front display, a colourful visual welcome to an enjoyable afternoon or evening of theatre at the Fergus Grand Theatre.

David also produced the show as well as doing Lighting and Sound Design!

We thank Price Team Dominion Lending Centres once again as being the generous sponsor of our show:  Alice in Wonderland.

Costumes led by Sara Harknett Dunbar were outstanding as well as the hair/makeup design and implementation by Clinton Klotz.

Robert Banning, Lawrence Lee and Maggie Parent were the terrific set trio as highlighted in the ECT April Newsletter.

Alice was directed by Jennifer Zirk, produced by David Tanner and stage managed by Conn Gartley.  Well done all!!!  Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the show!  What a wonderful way to end an excellent season!

Thanks to David McNorgan, Maggie Parent and David Tanner for the pictures used in the April Newsletter and in this May Newsletter!


It’s a Wonderful Life (directed by Deb Stanson) and The Sting (directed by Jim Monaghan and Simon Liebovitz) were ECT’s fall and winter shows and contributed to a most amazing season!  Everyone can be proud of their parts in creating such a successful 2016/2017 Season!