Macbeth Casting Announced

Directors David Tanner and Deb Stanson announce the casting for Macbeth which will be performed at Bissell Park in Elora this summer.  They have decided to do one production instead of two and are delighted with their cast. Rehearsals will start May 28th.  


Macbeth - John Settle
Lady Macbeth – Laura Hunter
Duncan, King of Scotland – Alex Kanarek
Malcolm, Son of Duncan – Cory Sanders
Donalbain, Son of Duncan – Dan Williams
Macduff – Bellal Hazrati 
Lady Macduff – Kate Short
Son of Macduff – Logan Harrison
Banquo, a Thane – Mahesh Tripunitara
Fleance, Son of Banquo – Justin Hickey
Ross, a Thane – Harry Bishop
First Witch – Jules Docherty
Second Witch – Rosie Krul 
Third Witch – Nancy Baker 
Porter – Phillip Cooper
First Murderer – Nick Haney
Second Murderer – Justin Hickey
Messenger – Nick Haney
Doctor – Phillip Cooper
Sargeant - Phillip Cooper
Gentlewoman – Janet Logan